The concept of “wisdom” had its own status for the ancient Greek philosophers. Plato and Aristotle concurred that wisdom is an intellectual virtue, Plato considering it the primary and foremost virtue. Aristotle took things further, considering wisdom a collation of all other virtues, its purpose leading man to his greater good. Philosophy, as is well known, derives linguistically from “a love of knowledge”. These views had their impact on subsequent philosophies.

Stemming from this high and complete significance of wisdom, His Grace Bishop Jeremiah took an interest in researching the topic. However, in his tackling of the topic in a series of articles, he decided not to take a theoretical stance. His concern was more the pragmatic use any reader can derive, consolidating this virtue in their minds, leading them to alter their conduct in life. Thus, we find him explaining the concept of wisdom via quoting many texts from the Holy Bible and Gospels, with a myriad practical examples, life experiences, and accounts of the Church forefathers and wise men of old, many great and simple people, who interpreted wisdom in their daily lives, as vivid specimens who illuminate people’s paths, leading them to the ways of bounty and maturity.

His Grace Bishop Jeremiah succeeded in addressing with his valuable articles all factions rather than only one. Morals are instinctive in the human soul, and in constant need of growth in a wise manner, to reach hearts and minds. I believe any reader of this series of articles will benefit immensely from Bishop Jeremiah’s engaging description of the virtue of wisdom. His success stems from his lending his own spirit to the topic, along with his honesty and faithfulness. An honest, faithful word, stemming from a true heart will reach others’ hearts easily.

I greet my brother and dear friend Bishop Jeremiah, whose friendship I cherish, for his honest loyal efforts, seeking the benefit of all humankind, as I am certain his readers will reap great benefits from his knowledge and generosity.

We ask God that His Grace would grant us plenty more edifying works, and God is the Bestower of success.

Your Brother

Mahmoud Zaqzouq

Dr. Mahmoud Hamdy Zaqzouq

Former Secretary of Religious Endowments

Secretary General of the “Egyptian Family Association”