Celebration of the second session of religions Forum «Here we pray together» at Saint Catherine Monastery

Celebration of the second session of religions Forum «Here we pray together» at Saint Catherine Monastery

Columnist Helmy El-Namnam Minister of Culture and Major General Khalid Fouda, the governor of South Sinai opened on Thursday evening,  the  international celebration entitled Forum of religions “Here we pray together” in its second cycle at Saint Catherine’s Monastery, under the auspices of UNESCO, and  in cooperation with the ministries of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports.

The celebration was attended by  Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa  Minister of Awqaf,  Dr. Ahmed Emad Al-Din, Minister of Health,  Yahya Rashid Minister of Tourism,  Eng. Sherif Fathi aviation minister, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Atty, Minister of water resources and Irrigation, Dr. Nabila Makram Ebeid  Minister of immigration and  Egyptian abroad affairs and Bishop Ermia head of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center.

Artists Elham Shahin, Hala Sidqi, Manal Salameh,   filmmaker Khaled Youssef ,  TV presenter  Tarek Allam,  leaders of the Ministry of Culture Hassan Khelaf head of  Culture  Minister office sector,   Dr. Amal  El-Saban Secretary-General of the Supreme Council  of Culture,  Dr. Nevin Kelani head of the Cultural Development Fund sector,  writer Yusuf El-Qaid,  number of ambassadors, and a group of senior intellectuals, writers, creators and artists also attended the celebration.

Metropolitan  Damanius  of South Sinai for Roman Orthodox  and head of   St. Catherine monastery, some members of parliament,  the elders of South Sinai Bedouins, a representative of Al-Azhar, representatives of the Church, representatives of the Catholic and evangelical South Sinai community and   some businessmen and investors also attended.

The program of the celebration included performances of 12 local and international bands including hymns and religious hymns, and “A message of peace  band performed  under the leadership of Maestro, Intisar Abdel Fattah.

Celebration songs are spiritual Monologues of all nationalities in various languages ​​to call for love and peace between peoples of the world with the participation of all the teams and to renounce violence and extremism, with the participation of many countries, including Romania, Algeria, Morocco, Pakistan, Senegal, Indonesia, Greece, Ethiopia, Ghana and Egypt.

In his speech, Minister of Culture columnist Helmy El-Namnam, stressed that  the city of St. Catherine embraced the three religions, in the manifestation of peace in Egypt and its history, The city of St. Catherine is a clear example of the confluence of religions, a unique place in the world  for peace and the greatness of its history.

Maj. Gen. Khaled Fouda, the governor of South Sinai, said that this part of Egypt has a special nature and is one of the most important religious tourism regions in the world, and called for the organization of many events and trips for further tourism development for the ancient city in line with its religious and historical significance. Fuda thanked in his speech the ministries that have supported holding this celebration, including the Ministry of Culture represented by the Cultural Development Fund, headed by Dr. Nevin Kilani

Attendees were unanimous in their speeches that Egypt is the land of tolerance, love and peace, and the Gathering is a message to the world that Egypt is a safe country, and that all religions essential are one.

Forum of Religions honored   Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb Sheikh Al-Azhar,  HH Pope  Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Archbishop Damianos Archbishop of South Sinai and  Greek Orthodox abbot of St. Catherine monastery.

Speech of the Minister Helmy El-Namnam in at the second session of religions Forum in St. Catherine monastery